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Forward Planning

Plan­ning for the Future 

The move to Win­nel­lie sig­nalled the start of our plans for a spe­cif­ic-built bad­minton sta­di­um that would be capa­ble of hold­ing nation­al events that attract­ed inter­na­tion­al play­ers. To this day, a bad­minton sta­di­um is cen­tral to our future plans as we devel­op the sport with­in the Ter­ri­to­ry and part­ner with Bad­minton Aus­tralia to pro­mote bad­minton through­out Australia.

Sig­nif­i­cant for­ward moves have been made work­ing with Squash NT to become part of a new mul­ti-sport com­plex in Marar­ra. Design plans for the sta­di­um have been draw up, cost­ed and pre­sent­ed to the NT Gov­ern­ment for their sup­port and fund­ing as part of the NT future devel­op­ment plans.

With the cur­rent COVID-19 virus, Bad­minton NT sup­ports the gov­ern­ment in pri­ori­tis­ing finan­cial aid to the NT com­mu­ni­ty and help­ing bad­minton to remain at our cur­rent venue until the Ter­ri­to­ry has come out of the pandemic.

Recent­ly the NT Gov­ern­ment released their Sports Field Plan 2016 — 2026’. Bad­minton con­tin­ues to work with the gov­ern­ment towards a bad­minton sta­di­um with­in the con­straints of this document.